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  • Exercise cardiopulmonary function testing system

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  • Analysis system of treadmill test

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  • Auxiliary examination of stress echocardi ography

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Integrated solution inside and outside the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation hospital

The integrated solution in and out of the cardio pulmonary rehabilitation hospital starts from the actual clinical needs of cardio pulmonary rehabilitation, builds an integrated cardio pulmonary rehabilitation information management system based on Internet of Things technology to meet the use scenarios in and out of the hospital, conforms to clinical technical standards, and integrates clinical rehabilitation paths. So as to realize the whole process management of patients in the hospital from evaluation to rehabilitation training, provide patients with intervention programs based on evidence-based medicine and high-quality software program driven outside the hospital, quantitatively evaluate the rehabilitation effect, improve the rehabilitation environment, and solve many problems such as poor compliance of patients with cardio pulmonary diseases and difficulties in long-term follow-up and remote guidance and treatment that have been faced by post diagnosis management,

Monitoring and Analysis System for 6-minute Walking Test

The 6-minute walk test monitoring and analysis system is mainly used to evaluate the efficacy of intervention treatment for patients with moderate to severe cardio pulmonary diseases...

Analysis system of treadmill test

The exercise treadmill test analysis system is applied to the ECG exercise test. The exercise load test analysis system host integrates exercise load ECG, ...

Exercise cardiopulmonary function testing system

It is mainly used for heart and lung movement analysis, and accurately measures the abnormal gas metabolism of external respiration and internal ...

Stress echocardiography auxiliary examination systemy

It is applied to stress echocardiography diagnosis and examination and provides intelligent assistance to realize ...

Sports rehabilitation equipment

Intelligent upper and lower limb rehabilitation machine, bedside treadmill, power car, rowing machine, elliptical boat, intelligent rehabilitation training system, etc...

Respiratory rehabilitation equipment

Intelligent breathing trainer, low-frequency external diaphragm pacemaker, pulmonary function instrument, mesh nebulizer, medical oxygen generator, tricolor ball breathing trainers...

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Remote electrocardiograph


ECG1200G is an electrocardiograph which can collect 12-lead ECG signal simultaneously and print ECG waveform with thermal printing system.

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Dynamic vital sign parameter monitor

ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and Step counting

12 lead ambulatory ECG and ambulatory blood pressure, providing ECG diagnostic analysis, heart rate variability analysis, frequency domain power, scatter plot and histogram analysis

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IOT sphygmomanometer

Remote blood pressure management

Wireless transmission: GPRS, Bluetooth and nbiot wireless transmission are optional. Users and doctors can share measurement data and provide assistance for telemedicine and intelligent medicine.

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What is the Six-Minute Walk Test?

The six minute walk test is a fixed time field test widely used in various rehabilitation interventions. It is an effective tool to analyze the functional ability of patients with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. Functional ability is the ability of subjects to perform daily activities or activities of daily living (such as bathing, dressing or walking). The 6-minute walk test is a submaximal exercise test used to assess aerobic capacity and endurance....